Save Money By Investing in Performance Tuning - Not More Hardware

Before: High CPU Utilization Problem - CPU Near 100%

After: Low CPU Utilization - Reduced to Under 40% by FastSQLServer Consulting
Note the vertical units max value of 40% (not 100%)

The Before and After graphs were generated by perfmon from real production data on the same weekday in 2 different weeks. The client (Travidia) supplied the graphs showing the performance improvement. Improved indexing reduces CPU utilization by reducing the amount of data scanned in tables stored in RAM, reducing hash joins and reducing the need for sorting. The trick is to identify which new indexes will provide the most bang for the buck. The methodology identifies high cost queries and priortizes what needs to be fixed so that you get important performance benefits fast. You get improvements for your daily operations after the first day of having us on the job. The improvements will boost the capabilities of your system and reduce stress on your employees, managers and customers. Give us a call today: 858-274-6909